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October 11, 2007


I work with a Christian clown. I'm thinking of frisking her for giant p0rn.

Yikes! I don't think I can handle seeing a daily GOP preevert feature. Too much, too much...

Carlock? Klutzo?

And this guy's not Jewish???

"Now Tommy, you be sure to kiss Klutzo's carlock right on the head..."

Suffer the little children to come unto Klutzo...

Suffer, indeed.


klutzo.com is now a vacant domain owned by Domain Discreet, and is apparently awaiting a new buyer... big surprise...

Even if you wanted to, you just couldn't make this shit up.

Tata, I've heard rumors that clowns are usually into midget porn. It's a Wizard of Oz thing.

You sure that wasn't Pudzo the nasty clown? He bears a strange resemblence to Carl Rove.

No no no no no.

klutzo.com is not owned by this guy.


Thanks creon - fixed. Who knew there were two Klutzo the Clowns? In Illinois. With websites.

mr. b, that's what happens when clowns control the means of production.

Are you saying it's capitalism's fault, Tata?

Actor, friends don't let friends clown and code.

I know clowns, I'm a friend of some clowns, and THIS, sir, IS NO CLOWN!

I have known both Paul and his wonderful wife, Mary (Klutzo and Smilee, and served with them in the same church for many years. For those of you who cannot make this claim, how dare you make light of what is a completely traumatizing situation for not only his wife, but also those of us who worship with him, have heard his phenomenal sermons, and seen him in full clown regalia along with his wife entertaining children with magic tricks that reveal a truly Christian message. We are all suffering from shock of recent days occurrences, and feel that there must be some other explanation. We are all reeling from these events, and would appreciate all of the smart aleck comments and references and comparisons to mass murderer,John Wayne Gacy stop immediately. Your fun and games are doing nothing more than hurting those of us trying to understand where this beautiful, wonderful,caring,talented,and highly intelligent man went wrong. He and Mary have played with and cherished each one of my grandchildren from birth. They cried when the children moved earlier this year, and rejoiced when they returned recently. While I do not condone, and would be the first to condemn a pedophile, I am waiting for the absolute truth to come out and will withhold my judgment until that day arrives.
My suggestion is that you go online to view the House of Joy website (you can find it by googling "house of joy") and see the children, the conditions, and understand that to skinny dip there is, in fact the way things are done there. Paul has given his time, his money, and his talents both as a Christian clown and as a good and decent human being to brighten the lives of these children. He is not the cunning, rotten person as those of you who do not know him seem to think.
I'm sure that all of his friends, church family, and his family members would greatly appreciate it if the snide, crude, and cruel comments would cease and desist immediately - if for nothing more than out of respect for those of us trying to come to grips with all that has happened and that will happen.

Enough Said. Thank you to friend of Paul and Mary

Friend (and family member)

Look, you may think he's a nice guy and all, but how do you explain the kiddie porn?

And then the sideline as a clown?

Excuse me, but your friend/family member is a SEX OFFENDER and is a menace to your community. I'm sorry that offends you, but you should have stopped it a long time ago, instead of enabling his behavior.

And don't give me the bullshit line that "no one saw it coming". You didn't WANT to see it coming, but there it was, in full view. Sex offenders don't just up and say one day, "Hm, I'm going to rape me a little boy."

I should know, I WAS raped, and the guy that raped me had sent out signals to hundreds of boys in my neighborhood.

Go pray for your own souls.

I mean, gee, it's not like we stood outside your front door and mocked Klutzo.

You had to go out of your way to find this blog and make your charming little plea for our understanding.

Well, we don't care. Seriously. I'm sure several in your congregation have gossiped and joked about other people's pain during a divorce or a drunk driving arrest or something like that. What you're reading here, then, is Jesus' judgement of your condoning that kind of behavior, as well as Paul's.

So, you got no sin? Or do you wanna put down that rock?

My son was one of this freaks students in daycare last year. How do you think that makes me feel? Stand up to him all you want, but remember, his computer had CHILD PORNOGRAPHY all over it, you can't explain that one away. The sick pervert needs to rot in jail, and be subjected to the same abuse as he made those children endure.

Guess he got his, he died on the 16th. Now for his REAL punishment

Let me educate you a bit on the "child pornography" that was found on Paul's computer. This is cultural difference in the way our country views things. In the Philippines - especially in the village in San Isidro where Paul was ministering - clothing is an optional thing up until a child is a specific age. They do not have closets full of Old Navy outfits. The children are not intimidated by their nakedness. They are in the middle of a jungle for Pete's sake. The pictures Paul took (which were only a minute percentage of pictures he took while in the Philippines for those 5 weeks) were of the native children in their native habitat. To pose in the nude for a camera is not something the children, nor their parents think anything wrong with (by the way, these children were not caught in seductive or sexual poses). For the person whose child was in the day care where Paul worked - did your child come forward after Paul was wrongfully put in jail and state that anything had happened? Have any other children come forward to claim inappropriate behavior on Paul's behalf? NOT A SINGLE PERSON, CHILD, TEEN - NO ONE HAS COME FORWARD. The exception, however are the 3 young boys from the orphanage.
In the Filipino culture, children are taught from an early age not to question an authority figure. It is amazing that these three children told the same exact story - yet no one else has come forward - either from his previous ministry there at the House of Joy, or any where else where he has had unrestricted contact with children. It is true that pedophilia is not something that one can turn off and on like a light switch. That being said, would it not be reasonable to expect that children somewhere else (aside from the orphanage) would come forward once the "threat" of Paul being on the streets was over? Think back people - when Catholic priests were being accused of pedophilia, their victims began falling out of the woodwork. So far - this has not happened in Paul's case.
Further, Chris - thank you for your sympathetic comment on Paul's jailhouse murder. Yes, I believe that he was murdered by his jailers.
No, Paul did not get what he deserved. He was wrongfully accused because people refuse to attempt to educate themselves on cultural differences (which, by the way do not always reflect our Western mores), and attempt to educate themselves on the truth. Sometimes we are too quick to place judgement on a soul before the truth is made abundantly clear. Paul never was a pedophile, and I truly believe that he has been placed fully in the loving arms of the Father to whom we should all be worshiping and entrusting the judgement of our fellow man.


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