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October 20, 2007



And now it's Miller Time!

Did you see the look on Tweety's face when Steph said that? He couldn't believe his ears. Toooo funny.

Dodd Dodd Dodd.

God also told McClurkin to stick his head up his ass, but it won't happen until Larry Craig gives up the wide stance.

Stick a fork in 'im. He's done as far as I'm concerned. When I read about what Dodd did, I immediately ran over to his web site and sent him a modest donation. The man has my support now. F*ck Hillary, Obama and (unfortunately, because I really liked him until he wouldn't say that all troops would be out of Iraq by the end of his term) Edwards.

At least Dodd has the cajones to stand up to big Telecom. Reid has turned out to be the pussy I was expected him of being.

As far as Obama goes, well he is a victim of his own triangulation trying to move to the center too much for his own good.

I suspect some from the Clinton camp infiltrated Obama's camp and sabotaged his campaign.

Bye Bye Obama...see you next campaign or the one after. Maybe you'll hold on to your senate seat.

I'll believe Dodd is for real when he doesn't cave on his filibuster threat. A grandstand play, is what I smell.

People wonder why Democrats can't win until there is no alternative. They have no appreciation for the Progressive heritage.

Obama will gather momentum again, I promise you. Will it be enough is the only question.

Though tempting, it's too early to write him off.


I'm not sure this is an anti-Progressive thing or just an acknowledement that politics in general have become too beholden to the corporatocracy.

And now, should we go along to get along, or be marginalized and attacked?

Ummm duh - Obama (or probably his campaign staff) made a mistake bringing this guy along. Ummm. Candidates make mistakes sometimes. Like Hillary - and that whole war thing...

This is just another case of the blogosphere reacting in a tizzy and saying, "Stick a fork in [blank]" after a minor gaffe.

Yawn, moving on.

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