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November 28, 2007


I always get distracted. What comes after the staking and the hammering?

I am so confused: how did this fucktard ever get taken seriously? Sure, I live in ol' Ioway now, but I was born and raised in Chicago, and we know fucktards when they parade in front of us. I find it nearly overwhelmingly sad that people are so a-feared of eee-vil that they might find knee-jerk comfort having such a "commander" at the helm.

Plus, she ain't cheatin' hot, fer Chrissakes!

I think this is the end of Rudy! and 2008.

You can sell a lot of horseshit to the hicks in the sticks, but the second you start using public money to boink some floozy, you're toast!

He could have bought a ticket on the Jitney like the rest of us!

I always get distracted. What comes after the staking and the hammering?

Posted by: tata

The rolling off?

WOOHOO! Henry "Youthful Indiscretions When He Was 47" Hyde is dead!

but, but, but...Romney hired illegal Guatemalans to cut his grass!

That scandalous media soundbite has got to assist the Benito Giuliani campaign somehow!

It seems the traditional media have forgotten about Madame's old line of work. You know, when she stapled live dogs to demonstrate surgical supplies, and then destroyed them.

Nice, uh, mistress you got there, Mr. Nosferatuliani.

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