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November 15, 2007


Keller's twin: Separated at birth?

Look, it's clear that Keller modeled his life on that of Newt Gingrich, only without the clout. Or intelligence. Or power.

Looks like another self hating closet case deewb to me...

I fear his choppers. I fear 'em!

What is it about all these Repub. pervs that have morgue faces---shiny and bloated?

Overeating, mandt, that and trans-fats.

Forget individual months devoted to hypocritical Republicans. This could be a daily feature. How about a "GOP 365 Calendar"...

oh a calendar...that would be lovely....thanks or keeping us informed...and disgusted....

I'm easily confused so initially I wanted a deck of GOP PervoFelon Playing Cards, but we long ago exceeded the number of mug shots needed for a brisk game of Fifty-Two Pickup, Public Restroom Edition. These cretins are even too numerous for an entire formal set of crime-descriptive china from the Franklin Mint, and I'm talking service for 12, people! Just picture a Jack Abaramoff gravy boat and bread plates of his known associates. Now, that's class, but you'd have to serve dainty platefuls of chicken Kiev to a Texas-size guestlist to figure out who Gannon didn't fuck.

I'm at a loss!

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