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November 02, 2007


Lamentably loitering in ladies' leather.


Wow, they just keep dropping like flies.


Prostitution charge possible for lawmaker gay sex in Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. (AP) - The Spokane city attorney says he would review a possible sex solicitation charge against Richard Curtis if the county prosecutor refers the case to the city.

The county prosecutor is looking at a possible extortion charge involving a man who said he had sex last week with the state lawmaker.

Curtis resigned yesterday from the Legislature and apologized for his actions last week when he was in Spokane for a Republican party meeting.

He told police a man tried to extort $1,000 from him. The man, Cody Castagna, says Curtis owed him the money for sex and there was no extortion.


Olberman interviewed Castagna the day before last.

damnit, sorry...I see you covered that one further down the page.

What is is about conservatism that brings out the dirty kink??
Oh yeah... lemme see... it is the nonstop suppression of one's actual orientation and desires?
Is it the incessant clamping down of one's sphincter so one can fit in with the rest of the uptight frauds?
It is the tiny death of one's soul that takes place when one registers to vote as a Republican?
Whatever the cause, I am now firmly convinced that ya couldn't swing a dildo in any GOP event that ya wouldn't hit a closeted kinkmeister.

This follows after SEXtember. There are apartmenets for rent here in the Castro folks. Come on out, own your fetish and be amongst others like you. Why lie and hide it?

AAAAAAAHHHH! It's so crazy out there. "Most everything that's occurring is nonverbal" How did they know? Was is the size 16 tapping stelletoes?

damnit, sorry...I see you covered that one further down the page.

No problem - can't put these hypocrites into the public eye enough.

That principal looks like one of the teachers I had in Catholic high school. I bet a few of my teachers were into stuff like that...

And to think, this all started with the flash of a thong in the Oval Office...

Just came from the bog of this guy: RattleGator

Who makes the claim using this posting that because Shallow venerated JFK and Carter, and comes from Boston he must necessarily be a Democrat.

I guess because no Republicans ever came from Boston and no Republican ever venerated the man who got us on the Moon or the man who actually FOLLOWS what Jesus taught and builds houses for the poor. I guess the Republicans are all just too busy trolling for buttsechs for that.

Then of course he makes the following claim:
The overwhelming majority of people engaging in the bathroom stall kind of behavior are obviously Democrats.

Yup, that's right. Because one guy trolls for bathroom sex and we can find no clear answer of his political affiliation he's automatically a Democrat by default and most people trolling for bathroom sex are Democrats.

What a nimrod.

"Doesn't say whether he's a Republican but, given the events of Cocktober, one can make an educated guess"

I hate to parse others writing, but I believe the descriptor should read, "Republican butt," n'est ce pas? Then the conjunction, "however" might be used as linkage to the terminal clause.

Hasn't every one learned the traditional media's dirty tricks on this one?

If they will not mention the political party affiliation, then it is

REPUBLICAN guaranteed!

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