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November 11, 2007


Fess up, dude...who is SHE and do you have a phone number?

All I saw was fake breasts and some words. Then I looked again, and saw some fake breasts and some words.

Oh, come now. You know what happened to the six wives of Henry VIII, which has worked out very well for Cate Blanchett.

What? The BBC has turned into the Bimbo Broadcasting Company? Even worse is those dreadful Andre Rieu concerts, all boobs, ball growns and gigantor orchastra----like Lawrance Welk on steriods. Did I say boobs? Sad also, here in the North East PBS now has corporate advertising.

Is that the Lord of the DONCE with some blow-up doll trophy wife/plaything?

That is Lisa, his ex-fiancee, whom he left for a fellow Riverdancian named Rhiannon, because Lisa wouldn't have kids.

And here I thought he was gay...

"Riverdancian." Heh.

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