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November 09, 2007


omg...this is unreal...so where can I write to the Irish Peoplea and assure them that we are NOT all like this effin Nutter that claims to be our leader????horrible...and hideous...and embarrassing..I shutter that they saw this and we didn't.....you should really send this to Keith....amazing...I am sending people here this weekend to see this video....

He really needs to stop using the phrase "I understand" or "I hope ___ understands."

The Decider is now The Understander.

The sad thing is, he doesn't understand shit.

I love how he continues to pull 9/11 out of his back pocket whenever he feels backed into a corner.

So embarassing.

To enigma4ever:
I have been living in Ireland for more then twenty years- and I assure you, they know that already...
George of the Djungle may think along lines like "L'Etat C'est moi"- but he's not.
Incidentally, Caroll Coleman was subjected to some pretty vile harrassment by certain groups close to the Republican party in the US back then; among other things, they published her adress and phone-number, inviting people to "...tell her what they think of her".
(The group in question apparently 'pulled' the relevant page; but I took the liberty of saving it in HTML-format before they pulled it...
Sample, anyone ?
"Irish chick is a visiting a head of state in his own land.

Irish chick therefore is morally bound to follow US protocols.

Irish chick makes Irish look bad. But fortunately most Americans know that not all Irish are as rude and self-important as this stuffed irish pig Coleman is."

That's the more polite type of remark...)

Apparently people *did* let her know what they think of her- day and night...
I remember her saying in an interview that that was a pretty tough time for her.
To top that, someone overheard King George talking to the Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern some time after the interview-
Something along the lines of "You people can't even keep a reporterette like that under control..."
I wasn't aware that it has become common practise to control the media.
But maybe I'm just oldfashioned...
What can I say.
"Old Europe"...

I bet he hit the pubs and downed some Irish car bombs after that scorcher of an interview. Oh nevermind, they're called Baghdad car bombs now.

No- not quite...
He just invited himself to a conference of EU-ministers, had to be guarded by umpty-thousand cops and soldiers, demanded immunity for his own security-detail while he was at it (...just in case there were any incidents involving protestors), and Ireland finally had to foot the bill running into millions- while the people in that area spend weeks cracking open all the sewers these guys welded shut before the visit...

Oh John of Ireland....unreal...his paranoia and ignorance truly knows no bounds...I am so sorry that the reporter suffered so...and yet I am not surprized , and we all know that women that speak up to this Regime are indeed "Fair Game"...horrific....and we know that he does this everywhere he goes...

No need apologise for him...
He's not America. Just a sad little man.
Problem is he's just a figurehead-
and I admit that those in control of this glovepuppet truly fill me with dread.
The way in which Carol Coleman was treated by 'supporters' of the Bush-administration was, I fear, merely symptomatic...
Journalists who cannot be bought are simply the subject of intimidation.
There was a press-conference organised by Ari Fleischer (White House spokesman back then), for those journalists which were supposed to be sent to Iraq as 'embedded journalists'.
'Deutsche Welle Radio' broadcast excerpts from that press-conference. At one point, Fleischer explained that the US-armed forces had drawn up a number or rules for those journalists; he then went on:
"Those rules were drawn up in the interest of your own safety, to protect your lives and health; I would strongly advise that you follow those rules at all times, in the interest of your own life and health-
*and the lives and health of your families*..."
It was enough to send shivers down my spine:
It sounded pretty much like an open threat.
(Deutsche Welle broadcast the original English soundtrack back then.)
Although I live in Ireland, I'm German. The very Idea of 'embedded journalists' was invented by Dr. Josef Goebbels- in the form of the so-called 'PK' ('Propaganda-Kompanie'):
Journalists who would accompany combat-units and report according to 'strict guidelines' which few dared to ever break...

She wasn't nearly hard enough on this SOB. Bush is totally, one hundred per cent FULL of shit.

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