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November 19, 2007


He does have that girbil look!

And so...

"Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned...!"


"Forgive me, Sinners, for I have Fathered!"

Oh, Mother...

Well, if we're concerned with who fathered whom I'm guessing blood tests won't help, what with all that specious "science" and all. Who do we believe is the father?

Now in fairness, the Paulks have been randy bastards for decades. Paulk the Elder has been in more than one paternity suit.

See, this is the kind of Christianity I can get behind.

Better than being in front of it!

So didn't you just know that it was going to be an "earl" or "billy bob"...I did...but that is because I have lots of Southern relatives...go to a family reunion and yell "Hey earl"..half the room turns round....( now at this church that might be true too)....

The end of Blowvember is nearly approaching. There are still so many wingnut and fundie sex scandals to uncover. How about extending this into Dickcember?

Is it going to be called Dickember? That's official?

That doesn't slip off the tongue so easily...

Paulk'in A!

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