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December 12, 2007


Oh, he probably wanted to, right after Abner Louima was broomsticked...

Nuts to that revisionist baloney! After all those expensive Berlitz courses to tell the taxi & limo drivers where to go--- I mean, 'Judith' doesn't do public transportation.

welll gee are you saying he is not "transparent"???...I mean what needs to fall out ? I mean Bernie was his business 'PARTNER"...Doesn't anyone ask about that relationship more- so he didn't know him- but he went into buz with him...yeah...right...and 2000/2001 when he was busy with his mistress- did he ignore Warning Signs of 911 ??? I think he did, in John ONeills' book - he definently was NOT paying attention, I mean he went to the trouble to exconce the mistres in new digs, but what about the Emergency folks put in the Towers ???? thanks for pounding the Rudy story....cuz wapo and NYT are not doing a good job at all....

Actually, I supported his decision to put the city emergency management office in WTC7.

It was already the target of one attempt and likely was to be attacked again (as events proved out).

In hidsight, it might have been a bad decision, but based on what we knew, and what we believed, at the time I thought it was a smart one.

I wonder how he decided on the number 400,000...

If I was an illegal I would keep on going up to Canada.. and get all the perks...

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