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December 30, 2007


These people will never capture the American market until they build an entirely pointless over-sized SUV.

YES! Spiders are always good, but better with two "I"s.

So if you the "fisti", who's the fister?

So if you the "fisti", who's the fister?
I'll ask you to withdraw that ...

I'm just saying!

How seriously can we take a car company when they don't even make an SUV???

oh wow....what a beautiful little thing....I need this car....sigh...Have a wonderful New Year Blogenfruede...

Hey Blogenfreude... Just wanted to pop by and wish you and yours a Happy New Year.

My wife and I rented an Alfa 4-door turbo diesel in Italy in '01. We drove it all over from Milan to Venice to Siena and back and fell in love with it. My wife would buy one in a minute.

On the Autostrada from Milan to Venice, I drove it at 200kph for hours without any drama. Great road and a super car.

Hi from Italy.

I'm an Alfista too.
Alfa Romeo is part of car history!
My parents bought an Alfasud in 1982. I was just 10 and it was fantastic!!
In 2001, I bought my first car. It was an Alfa 147. Very very nice.

Have a nice drive!

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