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January 22, 2008


Are we going to see abandoned homes roving the countryside in feral packs?

No doubt, tata, followed by posses of homeboys, wranglin' them dogies into herds of homes, and lettin' them graze on subdevelopments. Oh, shore, they be a few mustang ranches, but fo th mose part, they'll line up, you bet.

Another odd phenomenon we're seeing in the credit markets is people defaulting on their mortgages but not on their credit cards. That's never happened before on such a grand scale.

Oh right! Fix the post after I comment, but do you credit me????


"Somtimes it's worth remembering that people, like corporations, are people too." People, people who neeeeed people, are the luckiest people in the world!

There are people who will make a lot of money at the end of all these. Already my man in the Wall Street has paid himself a thumping bonus due to all this. His cousin is waiting in the wings. I thought you guys are savy to all these as you come from a more educated places than we Brits.

I think it is a good blog and I am in agreement with the comment posted by tata.

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