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January 02, 2008


You go to work with the car you have, not the car you want!

I am enjoying your posts on U.S. unobtainable cars and insofar as the French marques are concerned regret that they will stay that way for the forseeable future.

American drivers have long memories and Citroën and Peugeot simply do not have the cred -- nor do the manufacturers have the many millions of dollars -- to establish new beachheads in the States.

A damned shame, but that is a fact of automotive life.

Well, in fairness, the Citroens were pretty crappy cars when they came here. Cheap flimsy metal, and they couldn't handle highway speeds.

The new Cooper Minis have Peugeot engines, if I'm not mistaken?

And agreeing with actor, the Citroens were pretty flimsy, if cool-looking, in an ugly-cute sort of way.

I am love with these little cars...wow....Okay...on another front...
Blogenfruede...Rudy is having a very very bad night in Iowa ( and neither is Willard)...thank you for all of your wonderful blogging efforts on exposing what a ass he really is...

I rented a Peugeot when I vacationed in France in May of '06 with Mrs DBK. Great car. Great handling, acceleration, gas mileage...silky smooth. It was small, but we had no trouble getting all our luggage in (not like that teensy thing we had when we rented a car in Ireland in '97...can't remember who made it, but I could hardly fit anything into the boot).

I wish we could get a lot of the European car models here; call me a weirdo, but I love those tiny little boxy cars they have.

I love them too. We saw the Smart Cars in Italy when we were there and now I hear they're coming here. The Citroen is so cute, I want one. I like your car blogging!

I'm still back there lusting after the C6----beautiful! Want one!

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