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February 18, 2008


More than just asking for a guilty verdict, Darrow condemned the entire trial and said he wanted to move as quickly to a court where he presumably could get a true hearing.

It's a laugh a minute reading that garbage! If only it were meant to be a joke.

Every monkey has his cross to bear!

oh dear. as a Christian I am so embarrassed by these people who will not use their brains (which God gave them) for one second. conservapedia... yuck.

My child is a secular humanist student in your local public school

Oh, geez, where to begin? I'll stick with the obvious: Sure, Bryan won the case, but fundamentalists have been stuck with the anti-intellectual label ever since. I'd hardly call that a "great victory." And Bryan died a few days later.

Irony is lost on these people... AFAIK, the whole point of the trial from Darrow's point of view was NOT to win, since the offense HAD occurred. Rather it was an attempt to raise awareness, challenge the law, and try to shame the state into repealing it.

What I find telling in the Wrong-o-pedia entry for the trial is the belief that because Bryan played to the crowd, and had them laughing and agreeing with him, that he was the "better" lawyer.

The point of a trial is not to satisfy the mob, but sadly that is what has happened all too often in recent history.

For a look at the flipside of what Bryan did, do some research on how Judge Greer has been treated since the Schiavo case.

He was an evangelical Republican who committed career suicide because he did was he swore to do - uphold the law.

Next up, he'll explain how we won the war in Viet Nam.

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