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February 15, 2008


These assholes change their mind faster than me during PMS. What the fuck?? What does McLame think the fallout from this will be? Is he really that senile? JEEBUS!

There is absolutely nothing worse than a Vietnam-era coward. Except for maybe a guy who actually WAS tortured in the Vietnam era and now has no misgivings about subjecting American forces to the same treatment.

I believe that McCavein and LIEberman could educate us all by being the first in line to step up and show us how waterboarding does THEM no permanent damage.

Water on his brain----pathetic

The only people who talk like Lieberman are people who are absolutely certain this can never happen to them.

You see, a little knowledge on their part is only dangerous to the rest of us.

Everything we okay to do to our enemies, we are also giving the okay for our enemies to do to our soldiers, shows you how much these people really support our troops.

"Joe, you complete shitstain of a man, there is no such thing as the ticking-time-bomb scenario."
I don't know, it happens in 24 all the time.

Not only did we prosecute Japanese men for waterboarding our soldiers, but a Sheriff in Texas was sentenced to 10 years in prison for using the technique to coerce a confession.

The precedent couldn't be clearer. Anyone that argues otherwise in Congress is either stupid (unlikely) or hiding something.

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