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February 12, 2008


Does Scalia understand that there's a big difference between Uncle Paulie slapping his silly face for trying to jimmy the car door on the Caddoo, and stuffing a rag in someone's mouth for no good reason?

That's funny, because I was thinking the same thing for Uncle Nino, and the whole Mukasey crime family.

Let's see if Unca Nino can swim underwater with concrete flippers.

You can't attach electrodes to something he doesn't have.

I think Scalia should stop watching reruns of 24 and start reading the constitution more.

IESB is reporting that Tom Cruise's upcoming film, about an attempted assassination of Hitler at the height of WWII, will begin its second leg of filming in Southern California.
Everyone knows that the project was shooting in Germany and all the drama that followed. But that production has left the country and Bryan Singer is prepping to shoot the opening of the movie in California's desert locations, which are meant to be parts of North Africa.
Casting for extras is expected to start soon and filming is expected to start within the next few weeks and wrap by the first week of March. Recently, "Valkyrie" has been pushed back from its summer release and is now scheduled to hit theaters on October 3rd.

Firsr lage here

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