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March 07, 2008


No, you won't get Paulians to come out and play. You have to toss in some snark, which they will immediately jump on as hating.

For example, Ron Paul's face could be pasted on a dog's ass and you'd never know the difference.

Uh yeah, Ron--the "victories" of having your yardsigns posted in the medians of small-town streets, on abandoned buildings, and on condemned barns. Yet no one voted for you. Sounds like a real victory to me, I guess....

Silly candidate. Doesn't he know the media only covers candidates who are members of the CFR?

I cant tell if Ron Paul was wrongly painted as crazy by the media or if he really was crazy and the media just reported the facts.

I agreed with some of his stances such as getting out of Iraq now. But some of his positions went too far for me, such as eliminating the DOE, and apparently it was too far for most people.

If he would have scaled back some of his positions he may have been able to broaden his appeal.

But then again, it would run contrary to his personal beleifs and the hardcore Ron Paul supporters would have accused him of selling out.

What's he going to do with all the money he raised? Can I get a check?

If I were a Ron Paul supporter I'd be pissed he didn't spend the cash buying up ad time etc.

When bad gas destructs. WAAAA, so we won't get to go back to the 18th century.

And women everywhere said, "Someone light a match."

When I checked his congressional web site a few months back, I discovered how nutty right wing Paul was. I have no sympathy for him.

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He was a nutcase.

Evidence? He denied he dropped out!

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