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March 06, 2008


Technically, she has more votes. While Florida and Michigan do not count for delegates, their vote totals count in the tally.

And besides, neither of them can win enough elected delegates, so it's going to come down to the supers.

Obama can't win in the primary season, and if he can't put Hillary away after running twleve off the table, he clearly has shown weakness in his ability to attract voters.

He wins Twelve, She wins three, and just because she is a sore looser, he has weakness with the voters?

My god you HRC people are delusional to say the least

Actor 212

I think Obama has a lot more to overcome. Hilary has over a dozen years of name brand name recognition. This is why Obama has been building.

C'mon did you really think TEXAS and OHIO were gonna vote for a black guy? Ohio hosts the annual KKK convention for crying out loud. According to 60 Minutes, there are folks out there who believe the Muslim thing.

Hillary needs to go away before you ruins the WHOLE DAMN THING! She sounds llke the whiny liberal no one likes.


Didja ever DO a careful county by county analysis of Hussein Obama's wins?

I have. He has serious, and I do mean serious flaws in the make up of his electorate.

For example, take Virginia, a state he won fairly comfortably. He lost eighteen counties west of the Shenandoah Valley.

Now, no big deal right? I mean, he won two so he should have no problems in the general, since they won't vote for McCain.

Um, well, those counties went Bush in the past two elections by large majorities. He's not even competitive in them, and those are precisely the types of counties he needs to win in the general election if he stands a chance of running up electoral votes. He can't win with just the traditional Democratic strongholds (else we'd be talking about President Gore). And the states he has swept cleanly, like Idaho, Utah, and even tomorrow in Wyoming, will not give him electoral votes in the general, either.

So the states he needs to win in, like New Mexico, Ohio, Florida, Kentucky, and Pennsylvania, are Clinton states. (Kentucky hasn't voted yet, but if you look at where it is and how the surrounding states and in particular, counties went, Kentucky should be solidly Clinton)

Now, you could make the case he'll sweep Democratic votes and pick up some Republicans, but, um, Democrats aren't nearly as lock-step as Republicans in the first place and in the second place, to assume that Republicans are going to cross-over while Democrats will not is pretty naive.

And please, didn't you learn your lesson about calling Hillaryites out with names today? Hussein Obama doesn't appreciate it, and while he may tolerate it, he shouldn't.

"Monster," indeed....

Hillary needs to go away before you ruins the WHOLE DAMN THING!

Oh, for the "good of the party"?

Like Al Gore did?

If you toss out the illegitimate superdelegates, Obama is ahead, with or without Florida and Michigan.

And if you toss out Republican and independent voters, Hillary is ahead in the popular vote.

In fact, if you toss out caucuses, which discriminate against people with jobs, Hillary leads in delegates, as well.

In fact, libhomo, why don't we just toss out all the rules and have Obama and Hillary slapfight it out?

Get a grip, gang. She's in it, and she'll win it playing by the rules. Don't blame her. He agreed to those rules too.


The current polls, going state by state, do not support your analysis. The current polls show Obama winning the electoral college by a slightly greater margin than Clinton. Also, Clinton is well known by the entire country. Everyone either likes her or hates her. Obama isn't well known. When matched against a talking, whiny corpse whose flesh appears to be detaching from his body, Obama's only going up in the polls.

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