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March 19, 2008


I don't see what the problem is. So Patterson goes for the hot chicks. Doesn't her recording conversations tell us more about her than him?

Actually, Bruno might be the problem. Who's he doing? Where's Larry Flynt when we need him?

"Actually, Bruno might be the problem. Who's he doing?" That's an easy one: He's fucking over the citizens of New York as usual.

Hey blogenfreude! You'd mention it, wouldn't you, if Joe Bruno recently bought you dinner?

Yes Tata, I think it's a disclosure I'd have to make. And no, Bruno hasn't bought me a thing, but he's brought me tsooris.

Do people really tape record every time they go to bed with someone? Do people really record every time they have a drink with someone?

Can't people keep their mouths shut?

Remember when we were surprised to find "friend" Linda Tripp taped Monica Lewinsky?

I am going to ask everyone to open their purse and pat them down for a wire from here on out

She can be real proud of that----a blackmailing Olympian!

mr. b: I believe you and all, but from now on, I frisk you before we discuss the weather.

Remember when tri-state area governors did legitimately bad things like steal state funds for house repairs?

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