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March 25, 2008


It's all part of the plan, comrade. This will all be blamed on (the soon to be "liberated") Iran....then Venezuela, then any other country with the temerity to want to control their own oil resources.

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And John McCain just said we're succeeding in Iraq.........

Oh, we're succeeding at something, alright. Just not at waging a happy, pony-filled war.

OMG! The successful surge is by the wrong side! By the way did McCain even realize he was in Iraq?

Sure, it's the only time he's allowed to wear his codpiece while shopping.

So basically, the Green Zone is like the Cloud People from that episode of Star Trek, The Nursing Home, while the rest of Iraq mines that crap that makes people nuts?

God, cheney is an ugly creature.

The spin is already spinning from the white house. They are saying the Iraqi army is going to handle this in Basra. They say if they can it will be a major milestone for their army.

My feeling is if their army can handle it then fine, bring our soldiers home asap.

I'm sure cheney's reaction to this new fighting is, "So?"

Surge II, the sequals!!!!11!

That mug just begs for a knuckle sandwich.


I wouldn't risk the rabies. Kick him with a boot.

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