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March 13, 2008


The magic words "He's all yours, honey" spring instantly to mind.

I won't pretend to know their private life.

On the surface I would think as soon as things die down and she doesn't have to play 'stand by your man' she should bail.

But, maybe she really really loves him and has forgiven him. Maybe they have a plutonic relationship. Maybe she has pool boys and he has hookers. Maybe their marriage has been dead for years and they stayed together only for political reasons so he could keep the money coming in.

It's really, really hard to say. I don't think anyone knows but her and Spitzer. I doubt they will ever say. Who knows, maybe we have a tell-all book to look foward to (not).

She's been married to him for over 20 years. Conventional wisdom says she is hurt, distraught, and her life is in taters. But she summoned up the strength to stand quietly next to Spitzer during his announcements.

She could have made a scene. She could have not showed up. She could be calling all the papers and press giving them lurid details of their lives.

But she has chosen not to and I think that shows some character.

He's lucky she doesn't have a brother Bubba or Dwayne. That's scarier than the FBI.

Spitzer's wife is hot as a 2 dollar pistol (the man is clearly a fool). The Sandra Bullock knock-off, not so much.

PoliShifter, I'd be a little upset if my life were "in taters." Or lacking ketchup.

Up to her. I don't think husbands should ask their wives to stand with them during these sorts of press conferences, though.

What about the taters tots?

Where has it ever been stated that Spitzer asked his wife to "stand by him"? Obviously she did it from her own sense of honor. I've been married to the same man for almost 34 years, and I can say with some authority that if she didn't want to be next to him, she wouldn't have done it. She probably still loves him, yet wants to kick his ass from here to next week.
If I were Spitzer's wife, I'd be deeply concerned about his mental health; the young woman he was paying to fuck is not much older than his oldest daughter. Spitzer's got some twisted stuff going on in his head. It's some kind of addiction similar to gambling, combined with male menopause.
And if it was part of their family moola he pissed away, he's got some big time payback to make. Man, what a screwed up mess.

I think she was watching him, really trying to see WHAT was there......looking for REMORSE....the Reason? the WHY? the pain? the Angst? ....he was very business like.....like he was reading a Budget report.....She looked shellshocked....and I don't think she will stand by his side...not that NOW it is coming out it has gone on for years...and over 80,000 spent..or more....I feel sorry for her...FOR HIM??? there is NOT a Hell that is Warm enough....

What should Silda do? She should go the Elaine Benes route and jam a fork into his forehead.

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