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April 30, 2008


Stevie Nicks is always at her best, wired, singing and burning down her backyard in Marine. Vanity Fair's gone high Fashion pedophile---uggg!

I regret that I had but one childhood to give to my depraved country.

A Nation of kid fuckers could care less what the supreme court sez. That is unless they crack down on the FDLS. Then it's, "I want my first amendment rights, freedom of religion and tweenage brides!"

The Today Show dedicated a segment about "How to Talk to Your Kids about the Miley Cyrus Photos."

Um, my kids (5 & 3), love Hannah Montana, but they don't read Vanity Fair. In fact, if not for the "I've got the vapors" prudish media, my kids would have never had the chance to know that Miley Cyrus showed her back flesh in a grown-up magazine that Daddy reads from time to time.

And, even if they had seen it, it's not that big a fucking deal. She's not fellating a horse or massaging a Great Dane's testicles. There's nothing to talk about.

Stupid media.



I am so absolutely with you here about the things I do not want to know. How could we care, why would it matter? Mountains out of molehills, whipping something out of pipesmoke. People have time for this tripe?

The nerve of Hannah going bare. How the hell can she wear a lapel flag that way? Why does Hannah hate the troops?

Hannah can wear a flag pasty, or temporary tattoo. Hannah loves the troops because she bears her womanhood for them.

All women love men in a uniform, but not necessarily in the biblical way.

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