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April 07, 2008


"Exactly the caliber of foreign policy expertise to meet the high standards set by John McCain"

Despite Ms. Rice's estimable academic achievements, what she would add to the McCain campaign is color, to call a spade a spade.

Well, she certainly supports McCain's bomb bomb Iran platform...but is she down with 100 years in Iraq? My guess is yes but maybe McCain is looking for confirmation first.

And how much paint did you have to throw at Ms. Rice's furrowed brow to create that happy image? As with Mr. Cheney, I have never seen her smile when it did not appear menacing.

The smile, unaltered, the hair on the other hand...she must have just returned from a Arab Women's Rights conference or something. Nothing will give burka hair or put a smile on a neo-con's face like one of those trips to access progress in the middle east.

Yes, an Arab Women's Rights conference--to show them how little ladies do gunslinging, American style.

Of course, the Dale Evans look doesn't facilitate weapons transport as well as the duffle-bag burkha-look does.

I'm so tired of the Condibot ... she's accomplished nothing in public life. Lots of dead bodies, sure, but what sort of accomplishment is that?

She's a great failure. She's a Cold War academic, and is out of her depth.

Like Colin Powell, a boot-licker who gave GWB the veneer of being multi-culti, meanwhile, the both of them have helped to leave this country a train wreck.

A shameful legacy.

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