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April 15, 2008


‘Gas-Tax Holiday’ So basically he is calling for a halt to the hot air coming out of his mouth for one day...

A significant number of Americans believed the WMD story (some still do), voted for "our dear leader"...twice, and live in a reality papered over by Faux News. They'll fall for this cheap stunt, big time.

They'll fall for this cheap stunt, big time.

Some will, some won't -- but pretty much all of us will grab at whatever coinage is thrown our way (like the "President's tax rebate" as a worker at H&R Block kept calling it until I gave her a funny look and it instantly became "the government's tax rebate.")

If the day ever comes when there is drilling in ANWAR and off both the Atlantic and Pacific coasts, I want those oil reserves to be nationalized. If we're going to suck the reserves dry, at least let's get a really good price on the stuff.

McShame doesn't understand, we grab our ankles and the oil companies pump us dry. perhaps if he were serious, he would end tensions with Iran and end the war in Iraq, since instability in the ME has led to the rise of oil prices to over $100 a barrel.

McCain has sold his soul to the Republican machine for a shot at the presidency. Sadly, win or lose, the man's remarkable life is cheapened by this act. The "maverick" has become just another political whore, a medicated drone whose sole purpose is to read lullabies to the tax-paying masses as their pockets are picked.

Better idea, Senator.

Why not impose a mandatory windfall profits tax on the oil companies, so that they are forced to lower their prices?

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