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April 27, 2008


I'm trying to feel a-pauled.

Hey, if they want to live apart from everyone else and kill each other, at least they won't be harming the rest of us.

I guess "getting along with others" was never really their thing.

Semi-automatic weapons. SEMI??!! Real men go full auto batshit gun!!!!

If I want to kill a prowler, I don't want my finger to get tired, unless it's tired from holding the trigger down. NOT from repeatedly pulling the trigger.

These guys better get their shit together. Jeez.

They can name it "Deadwood."

"Real men go full auto batshit gun!!!!"
"I don't want my finger to get tired"

lmao! Real men can hit their target with the first shot!

[Insert Plumbing-Related Invisible Hand/Visible Crack joke.]


I don't know. Nothing good ever comes of compounds in rural Texas.

"I will never believe that you want to decide for yourself

What concentrations of chemical byproducts from local metalplating shops is safe for your household

AND the seismic standards for the bridges you cross
AND the optimal level of pesticides on the lettuce you eat
AND the proper response to the introduction
of West Nile disease into your county
AND I could go on forever.

You cannot make me believe that you want to deal with all of those personally.
megan, From the archives

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