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April 03, 2008


Are you kidding? Alycia Martin is much hotter than Ashley Dupre. She doesn't look that great in this picture, but in other pictures she has a very pretty face, which can't really be said of Ashley "Big Nose" Dupre. The real tragedy here is how little prostitutes make in Michigan. If this girl moved to New York, she could make a fortune. And I guarantee her "diamond rating" would be higher than Ashley's.

See the job losses posted today? Being a Hooker is probably going to be one of the few remaining ways to make a living wage soon.

She may not be hotter than Ashley Dupre, but she is a heck of a lot better looking than Debbie Stabenow, plus she probably swallows.............

I'd do her. In fact, Freude, I'd watch you doing her.

truthfully, i partied with her and one of her friends on friday in wayne, MI- and no, it was'nt party, meaning party as in i paid for their company, but rather just a friendy local table tennis style game, conversations, and my friend got a pic w/her. we talked briefly about the encounter w/Thomas Athans.. but nothing TOO personalshe. she told us about the craigslist life and now my friend and i are going to tey to be some gigalo's on sites like craigslist


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