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April 13, 2008


Can we pay them not to stand under the bombs?

And don't forget Afghanistan, I believe we're still fighting a war there as well. Or are we? I don't remember.

They were trying to drink our milkshake.

What cracks me up is seeing Bush try to say that the Americans are there at the behest of the Iraqi Government. That if the Iraqi Government didn't want U.S. troops there then we'd be gone.

Then Maliki will say "we don't want U.S. troops here, please leave now"

Yet all we get from the White House after Maliki's statement is crickets.

Still there was this bit of news today:

Iraq's financial free ride may end

Iraq's government has a budget surplus while we keep spending $13 Billion a month.

I seem to rememeber a certain Paul Wolfowitz saying Iraq's oil would pay for the war. I seem to remember Rumsfeld saying he doubted the war would last 6 months.

Where's my cheap gas? Where's by Iraq War Dividend Check?

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