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May 25, 2008


Do these people really believe they have a chance, or is it their intention to suck votes away from the only party that represents their twisted view of the Constitution? If you got the money to burn, I guess.........

Yeah Democracy!

The irony about folks like Alan Keyes with a fetish for all things 18th century is that he would be stuck on a plantation with no rights at all, Constitution or no Constitution.

Hey blog, how come The Cynics' Party isn't listed on your blog's blogroll?

Oh good lord! ANOTHER Baldwin brother? They breed like fuckin' rabbits and get dumber with each iteration!

Hey, who doesn't love the thought of the ALAN KEYES EXPERIENCE! Straight (ahem) out of the backstage of... well, some local community theater? Then again, that's an insult to local community theater.

and @actor212: the Baldwin Brothers Factory ran out of steam after Stephen, who has become a religious nutcase. Alec is still one of the best character actors working today, but the other two... who can say?

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