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May 30, 2008


I'd like to see Little Tommy Friedman "suck on" about five sticks of dynamite. It's better than he deserves. Astonishing that this man is still considered an "expert" in anything other than classes in asylums where patients are given special credit for being able to distinguish betweeen the green jello and the aqua jello.

(The moustache would require a separate room)

It seems all of the writers I used to like before five years ago (Friedman, Dowd, Robinson, etc.) have all become shills, and a great disappointment. They have lost all integrity, and like Scotty McClellan and the Boy Who Cried Wolf, no amount of backpeddling will repatriate them into my good graces.

McClatchey news remains alone the only national outlet routinely trustworthy.

That tie alone merits a strong sentence. I mean, imagine: wearing a twinkly, colorful outfit to explain bombing the cradle of civilization into the stone age.

Well put, Blogenfreude. (I wrote on this one, too.)

Friedman is an uberdouche. If you haven't heard his publicity tour interview on "Democracy Now" in 2006, give it a listen. Tommy no likey being asked hard questions.

"AMY GOODMAN: Let me ask you about a comment you made in April 1988 in an interview with the Israeli press. You were talking about what Israel should do with the Occupied Territories. And you said Israel should hand over control to a client Palestinian proxy force. You explain this by saying, “I believe that as soon as Ahmed has a seat on the bus, he will limit his demand.” MIT professor Noam Chomsky later reprinted the statement in his articles and books, calling your comments racist. How do you respond?

THOMAS FRIEDMAN: I have no—if I have said that in 1988, 20 years ago, I would have absolutely no recollection of saying that or what the context was. But if he said I said that, then I said that. I’ve said a million things differently since. And if you want to go back and check every quote Noam Chomsky has made over the last 30 years and pluck out one from 1988 and throw it in his face, go ahead.

AMY GOODMAN: So you’re saying you’re sorry you said that?

THOMAS FRIEDMAN: My hundred thousand words since then have been very, very clear. Before then and after then I have no idea what the context is you’re talking about. 100,000 words since then have been very clear. I’m for a two-state solution."


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