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May 16, 2008


The real question is...how many times will the phrase "September 11" be mentioned on that stage in St. Paul.

Maybe if the GOP didn't suck so bad, people like me wouldn't be considering Bob Barr (no I'm not a Paultard, although I do have ambitions of living in my mother's basement, which could be considered a pre-req to be a Libertarian).

the libertarian conference is in the next couple of weeks...that should add some interesting elements...I actually would love to see Ron Paul speak at the GOP convention( just to watch how he does....and watch Mccain's head explode)

I am curious about Bob Barr...and his effect and level of support...

What was really odd - if you watch the primary numbers state by state- Ron Paul, Huckaidiot, and Willard ALL kept getting signifigant numbers- enough to pull up to 30% away from McSame...

dusty sent me here

and we worried denver would be the new chicago

look out twin cities, more bridges come tumbling down

It's like Christmas with extra hostility!

Someone pulled the main pole on the big tent, and some of the craftier rats escaped!

Hey, the more, the merrier. I'm worried about a popcorn shortage as November approaches. So many of us will be wanting to sit back with a big bowl full as we watch the fun on the right.

Paul, Barr, and "Keating Five" McCain all are racist, misogynist, and heterosexist bigots. They all are worthy of nothing but contempt.

The Ron Paul Revolution! Yep---revolting for sure. Back to the 18th century!

Hey! Thanks for all the great info. I was browsing through a bunch of political websites and blogs (mostly liberal ones) and I came across your blog and find it to be very interesting. There are a bunch of others I like too, like huff post, and other news sites like politico. Do you know of any that cover politics and the environment? I saw earthlab.com which has mostly environmental info but some politics. I took EarthLab.com’s carbon calculator (http://www.earthlab.com/signupprofile/). It was pretty easy to use (and it doesn’t make me feel guilty after I take it). Are there any other blogs you would recommend? Can you drop me a link to your favorites or any ones with green info?

"Paul is dead, mis him, miss him, miss him"...

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