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May 11, 2008


"Pasty-white, barely-intelligible"--never a finer summation of the post-Rovian breed.

You can take the blue blood out of Connecticut, but you can't lower their BAC in Texas.

I eagerly await instructions from my new baby overlord.

Perhaps I can get a job in the diaper mines.

I'm sure I can simply pull myself up by my bootstraps, so that some day, I, too can marry the son of a lieutenant governor.

Or, at least I can get arrested a bunch without having to pay any consequences.

Oh, to dream the impossible dream.

See you in the camps.

The official American dream of working hard and pulling yourself up by your bootstraps has been replaced. In it's stead, we now give you be born into a wealthy family, party hardy until you find one of your own kind, marry, breed and have numerous discrete affairs while proselytizing the virtues of values to those over whom you hold dominion.

Lew: Done and done!

Oh No Mr. Bill!!! I'm going into a fetal position!

Great minds think alike.
I just posted another review of Jenna's wedding over at my crib.
Loved the photo of Jenna horizontally hugging her gal pal.
I live in Texas, where Jenna used to be famous for doing body shots off the shoulders of attractive young lesbians in Austin gay bars.
But, like many Republicans, now she's pretending to be straight and she'll have to do all the gay stuff in privacy.
Fortunately, she has her saggy old butch Grandma Barbara to give her some pointers.

Whoomp! There it is! The reason the American Empire is falling. Our current ruling class is the net result of years and years of inbreeding.Think of the country folk Burt Reynolds encountered in the movie "Deliverance". Of course, that is a relatively large gene pool compared to our Washington elites, but what do you expect with the likes of Karl Rove in its gene pool. Just looking at the guy gives me the creepy crawlies. I wonder what percentage of the US ruling elite is hemophiliac? Our elites live in a cocoon. I note here how "Dubaya" was surprised at the recent price of gas. Only source of comfort: the elites can bring US down, but THEY are going down the tubes with us. They don't believe this, but it is true.

the story and the comments are classic

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