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June 01, 2008


Well, good on Scotty if he follows through on his promise. But to me, this is like sentencing Lynndie England to jail for Abu Ghraib and leaving all those Lieutenant Colonels and Colonels and Generals and John Yoo and the various undersecretaries of defense and Ol' Scratch himself, Donald Rumsfeld, untouched.

The drug-dealer paradigm applies here: People like Scotty and Lynndie (now there's a couple!) are always the most vulnerable because they're the most visible and the most expendable.

I have to say I disagree with you on this, and I wrote MoveOn to tell them that as well. If you go after people who write tell-all books, it's going to dissuade them, not encourage them.

Scotty was not press secretary at the time the shrub lied us into war, so I have to give him at least the benefit of the doubt there. He was appointed in June, 2003.

He's a creep; he probably knows more than he's letting on, but the guy has to make a living and I don't like the idea of pressuring folks to give up their income from their own hard work.

I also think that McClellan is giving back by going on Countdown, testifying, etc. He's trying to right a wrong. I don't like the attack method in this case.

Now, if it were the shrub, that'd be a different story.

And, I like your letter-writing to the war cheerleaders. That seems fair.

Anyway, your heart's in the right place :)

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