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June 28, 2008


I guess nobody explained to Balls Off Bobby that chemical castration doesn't stop felonious dudes intent on further felonious behaviors. Nobody wins but BOBobby, which is the way he likes it.

I'm curious to see how this plays out. Previously, Americans have been reluctant to put balls into play, but now that we have been adequately desensitized -- thanks to extreme rendition, enhanced interrogation techniques, and the suspension of habeas corpus -- maybe forced reversible chemical castration will be considered acceptable.

Which pharmaceutical lobbyists will be working the DoJ really hard?

Have there been studies done on whether or not chemical castration actually works? I mean serious studies. Because, colour me cynical, I just have this feeling that it doesn't quite fix the problem.

Not that I condone the death penalty, I just don't know all that much about chemical castration and I was wondering.

Bobby Jindal seems to be somewhat intelligent so he must be ill-informed. The process does not work for those that do not wnat it to. castration as a solution is as insane as the people that branwashed you into a foolish act.

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