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June 08, 2008


Mmm, hmm. When this atheist isn't binge drinking with a needle in my arm while playing the ponies, I loves me some sodomy!

But they forgot the things atheists morally disapprove of that The Big Guy explicitly endorses: stoning children for disobediance, slaughtering innocent women and children in wartime, ritualized genital mutilation, slavery, keeping women obedient and silent (especially in church), and hurling people into lakes of fire. C'mon, Conservapedia, don't sell our wickedness short!

"Sex, drugs, and alcohol? These are few of my faaavorite things" oh yeah! Not to mention wearing mixed fibers, eating creatures with cloven hooves and touching those time of the month articles. Death I say, stoning, anathema!

Because obviously, without the threat of hell to keep them in line, athiests do all sorts of awful things.

As usual, says more about the writer than the subject.

I love how Conservapedia offers NO way to contact them.

Secrecy and lies. Standard rightard offerings.

Hey! They aren't too far from the truth! I am guilty of most of those things and bingo! I'm an atheist! Who knew? I can't blame them for the pre-marital sex tendencies but honestly, THEY drive me to drink.

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