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June 05, 2008


I'm looking forward to five months of Republican torture. It won't make up for the eight years we've had to endure, but it's a good start.

Or a spork ...

McCain will win. When it comes down to crunch time in the voting booth, Americans will reveal their true racist character. Republicans will vote for the white man, as will most independents and a surprising number of Democrats. To say nothing of the hardcore Clintonites who will write in Hillary, not vote at all, or vote for McCain.

Notice that I haven't brought up the massive whispering campaign that's probably already started, the use of air strikes on Iran ("We can't change parties! We're at war!"), or vote suppression as in Cleveland '04.

This country wants to strangle on its own stupidity and nobody is going to be allowed to make it one iota smarter because that might involve some change in its suicidal ways. Vote Demo if you want but bet GOP.

I'm with Tirebiter on this one.

I don't often blogwhore, but I think that sometimes, you have to do a little whoring to get the word out.

I put a couple of articles together on Johnny Values, and they aren't pretty. They ARE, however, an excellent measure of the man.

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