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June 16, 2008


Yeah, but you know, when you spend your days actually doing what most people only have time to read about in Martha Stewart Living (make that "look at")... these things like "chip proportions" tend to run together.

So some allowance has to be made for earnestness in the baking realm.

How do you bake cookies in a cauldron?

Well, no one said she could cook but she can make a mean banana cream pie....

Cindy's recipes? They might be. Does she own Hershey's and Rachael Ray?

The way I heard it first was:

*Cindy McCain's Fillet Mignon Recipe*

- tell Consuelo, "We're having fillet mignon."

- Add "Now."

- wait impatiently for 20-30 minutes.

- enjoy!

But today I saw the story on MSNBC's morning broadcast, and one of the commentators threw in something about Cindy McCain's recipe for anything is to summon the cook, and I knew it had reached meme level.

Heckuva job, McCain campaign!

Cindy McCan't. The cookie crumbles

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