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June 10, 2008


It does my heart good to see how many people are picking up on this.

I want to hear the "values" wingtards explain this one away.

Just like Ronald Ray-gun. He threw Jane Wyman over for Nancy, who made her mark in Hollywood giving blowjobs to studio executives. See Peter Lawford's autobiography.

This is one of the best McCain graphics I've seen yet.

And I've seen some good ones.

If you want to see how wingtards are explaining this away, go to Pandagon and read the thread there--apparently, the party line goes something like this: "We understand that they were two people who'd gone through some stressful time--him in Vietnam in prison, her mangled in a car crash and not wanting to tell him--and we all know how stress can break up a marriage, so they just went their separate ways."


(I should say, that party line comes from a rightwing reader, not from the fabulous Amanda.)

Just like hollywod

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