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July 05, 2008


It's NYC and most people just shit on the sidewalk, the chamberpot isn't necessary.


The bowling alley wants their shoes back.

Is this the new McCain '08 poster?

"Shitpot Model 2008--the King of Crappers," aka, "The GWB Model". This is the luxury sedan of chamber pots, and we do not forsee its being superseded any time in the near future. Buy, confident you are getting the best shitter in the world.

Just heard a rep of Water Aid discussing barriers to making parts of Africa "open defecation free zones."

This photograph could be captioned, "Bush sends goodwill gesture to Africans in their open defecation free zone efforts."

What do you buy the man who has everything?

nice shoes!

Yes kreplach, he's going from the throne to bowling, emulating his king George Bush, who steps off the throne to golf...oops, he's given that up as a geture to the plebes.

But he certainly doesn't do anything as hoi polloi as bowling.

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