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July 04, 2008


Dead! Dead! Dead! Best news all week.

What would be a good use of public funds is to pull the plug on this putrid blog.

Oh look! A rarely seen these days troll!
I wish the Democraps would break with the tradition of not speaking ill of the dead and state what a racist bastard Helms was, instead of beatifying him.

Actually, Lew, you're just excited to have any traffic at all.

Absolutely, rj! Lew "Left on red from the center lane" Scannon lives for traffic. Why, just the other day, Lew "LORFTCL" Scannon says to me - he says - "Ta, without my lawnchair and the turnpike, I don't know what I'd do, but I'm sure it'd involve voilet gum and a Shriners convention."

Shove it, rj. Another bigoted relic joins his ancestors under the dirt. May he go in peace - so long as he keeps on going.

When he was alive, I referred to him as a wall-eyed, racist pig.

Now he's dead, and I'm not supposed to say that.

Fuck him.

He was a wall-eyed, racist pig.

Pak sand liberals... if that isn't clear enuff stick it up your candy ass~

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