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July 13, 2008


The George Bush Presidential library is a serious endeavor. Manga and graphic novels have exploded in popularity over the last decade. There must be a repository for "The Preacher," "The Dark Tower," "Shooting War," and its ilk.

Hail George Bush, the keeper of the new, violent cartoon world.

My alma mater was on the short list to be the site of the Bush Library. I was beside myself for months. Thankfully, they will be building it at SMU, where nobody uses any of the libraries anyway...

Hear hear! I don't give a shit if Jolie wants to convert her vagina into a clown car. I just don't wanna hear about it.

Cheney's health care must be sucking up a huge portion of our budget...

Cheney's health care must be sucking up a huge portion of our budget...

I know Lisa didn't just disparage the brilliance and beauty of "The Preacher."

Plus, it came out in the Clinton years.

Brad Pitt wants to help the environment?

Put a fucking condom on when screwing fertile women, asshole!

Strange, but 90% of my incoming email is either about Angelina (and I assume her uterus), cheap replica watches or viagra. I mean, who buys these replica watches?

tafka--I love "The Preacher!" I've quoted from The Preacher. I know it is Clinton era, all the better to find repose in Mr. Bush's library.

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