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July 19, 2008


I was saying to someone earlier that, just like each and every time someone associated with the Bush crime family goes off the reservation and says something that is not an official talking point, Maliki would be getting a late-night phone call from the real Decider-in-Chief, Cheney.

Sure enough, this morning we get word that a spokesman for Maliki has "backed away" from his earlier comments and is now saying that "that any pull-out is based on continuing progress on the ground".

It is amazing to me that Bush Co. is still able to get people who have made very deliberate statements to high-profile newspapers (or have even written in their own books) to immediately change their positions.

I feel that, much like his hero, J. Edgar Hoover, Cheney dresses in drag. Woops! I was taken out of context! I really meant that I feel that Cheney has massive files of deep, dark secrets on everyone, and when they misbehave, he reminds them of that fact.

Anyone having dealings with Cheney who thought that his eavesdropping program was to listen to terrorists was extremely naive, and probably found out the hard way that he learned well from his boss, Nixon, and the program was really a front for political and corporate espionage.

I have a funny feeling that Maliki just learned this the hard way.

You pull your hand out of the puppet's hand for ONE MINUTE, and he goes all "The Dummy" on you...

Argh, I meant out of the puppet's ass....

I dunno. . . this guy al Maliki just never looks happy. May be we could introduce him to Wellbutrin.

Or David Vitter's hooker.

actor: I didn't suggest he looks morbid because he can't get his kink on. More capitalistic perversions would just sink him even deeper, I s'pose.

Just, a real Deputy Dawg-looking fellow. I wonder what would cheer him up.

Well, if you had Bush and Cheney screwing you up the butt, would you look happy?

What he needs is a withdrawal.

We need a withdrawal.

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