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July 27, 2008


McCain is older than:

Howard Johnsons
Mass produced VW Beetles
Shopping carts
Foam rubber carpet underlayment
The artificial heart
Phone-in radio programs
The radio telescope
The Delaware Aqueduct
The Waring Blender
First prototype Jet engine
Golden Gate Bridge
The Hindenburg explosion
The Lincoln Tunnel

He's older than fucking nachos. Nachos!

blog hopping! mind if we exchange links dear? :D

What a great site! Thanks for the tip.

The WPA.
The CCC.
The Tennessee River Valley Authority.
The US Postal Service (it was called the Postal Department).
The interstate highway system.
Social Security (he's OLDER THAN SOCIAL SECURITY!).
Color TV.
Commerically available television. Cassette recorders.
The Queens Midtown Tunnel.
The Brooklyn Battery Tunnel (proving he's older than dirt, even).
The Lincoln Tunnel.
Integrated baseball.
The Holiday Inn.
The fax machine.
Xerox copiers.

Holy crap, the man is OLD!

He is older than:
Flip Flops (although he is the master at them)
Frozen Concentrated Orange Juice
The Old Testament (but is mentioned in the New one)
Government mandated benefits (but he gladly receives them)

And of course, he's too damned old to be president!

The Old Testament (but is mentioned in the New one)

You need to flip this to make it funnier.

Older than the Louisiana Purchase?

He might have been there to make change, MandT

Quite Right Actor212. I wasn't happy with it either.

My old brain had some trouble. Just think that McSame has 30 more years on me.
What must his brain be like? [sound of crickets chirping]

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