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September 29, 2008


Epic stupidity, Fish-boy. Epic.

Bush will have done precisely one good thing for the Republican party: He'll make Hoover look good!

Wow. there must really be a lot of cocaine in the Florida water supply.

He's a trailblazer for overeducated morons everywhere.

Yes, this is how it usually works. Hitler, Stalin, Jack the Ripper, Ted Bundy. 'Member how we used to think they were monsters? And now we just have so damned much affection for 'em.

Some folks will eat anything. Stanley Fish is the Jeffery Dhamer of Republicans.

Drinks like a Fish?

Now I would like to enter these treacherous waters again and venture another prediction....

Some people really can't stop themselves, can they? It's a new category in the DSM-IV-Revised: prediction addiction.

I'm going to stand up for old Stanley the curmudgeon. I rarely agree with him - and find him to be a cranky old wise-ass most of the time. But I think he's right about this.

The American public has a very short memory - and an even shorter attention span. A year from now they will have forgotten GWB's mess. He will be that old koooky frat boy that you want to have a beer with. He'll make appearances on Dancing with the Stars and the Tyra Banks show.

All of the current problems will either be McCain or Obama's fault. Yes, he may be a war criminal, but there is still something charming about him that the public will adore.

To quote George Carlin..."the public sucks!"

Don't Fish rot from the head? Explains a lot.

If John McCain wins, the professor may be right - especially after poor health forces John to turn things over to President Sarah Palin. 6 months of President Palin, and we'll call the Bush/Cheney era the "good old days."

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