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September 22, 2008


Uber-creepy. I'm in shock. SHOCK I tells ya (saw it all coming, as did you, but still in shock that it's here).

Holy shit. At least the shrub has the decency to skulk. If he were strutting about now, I think I'd blow a gasket.

Ah, but he is. He's in the Waldorf getting fitted for a new uniform and matching riding crop----'Mission Accomplished' don't you know.

whenever he comes to downtown C-town- he or Cheney - they sneak in, and have huge barricades and tape off streets...and push people out of the way and zoom through town in their tanklike caravans like they are filming a movie...so what is he doing there? at the Walforf? WHO is he meeting with ?

we were under the impression from MSM that he is in DC meeting with people about the economy....

okay I went and sent King George's Schedule- he is meeting with a bunch of dignataries and signing a bunch of things with Korea, Lebanon, Ukraine and Turkey....I have a dumb question, does he meet with people alone ? or is Ms Stilletto there with him ?

His Approval rating is at 19% today ( I have the post about it)...and we are letting him meet with people...scary..

I've always imagined that he signs things with one of those jumbo crayons. A red one.
At least these days they're bringing him in quietly round the back as if everyone should be ashamed of him.

Dood, you didn't have a dead moose lying around to bounce on his car???

Wow. I'm amazed you didn't get shot just looking out the window. I would have been under the desk with a teflon helmet.

---Could'a used a loaded, predator, pigeon drone about then.

Now that you mention it, MandT, that block is usually crawling with pigeons because of the outdoor cafe at St Bart's Church on the next corner.

Wonder what happened to them?

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