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October 12, 2008


I'd have to say that last one was my favorite.

Splenda in the gas...LOL!

Damn, I've been meaning to enter this for a couple of years now.

Thought to share my entry, to which, my creative writing friend says was positively Shakespearean compared to the drivel she must attend as an editor: "Lorette, heaved a painful, pleasurable sigh, as she espied the Hoarfrost of early Autumn encase the emerald lawn in silver brocade, not unlike that of her richly encrusted bodice, restraining its chilly sentinels erect to the changing of seasons."

We now know that nauseating is an art form!

I love these contests! I throbbingly await this year's winner of The Bad Sex in Fiction Award, although regrettably it's limited to professionals only.

Professional writers or professional bad sexers, Grace?

I had thoughts of an entry that started along the lines of "The day dawned as recedingly gray as his hairline."

I object. One and three are fantastic. I'd totally read those books.

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