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November 26, 2008


Freude, this isn't CYA.

This is "nothing to see here, move along, move along."

This little shit was so low on the legal totem pole that there are probably a half dozen people in DC who are cringing right now, hoping that no one read this "innocent" defense of the indefensible.

Let's put it this way: The Heritage Foundation Hol-- excuse me, Christmas party will now be short one guest.


What. A. Shit. For. Brains.

Wonder what kinds of skeletons are in this asshat's closet?

I paid attention in law school, and I sort of remember one of the main points was that ”careful legal judgment” wasn’t supposed to result in heaps of dead bodies and violations of the Geneva Conventions.

Geez...I paid attention in basic training and I remember quite distinctly being told that among other things, the original document was housed in the U.S., and we were the keepers. Oh yeah, we don't torture and there was a link said to go back to our first Commander, George Washington - who determined the U.S. would be different. Well that is until these fuckwads came along.

I find it interesting that Goldsmith has been given a plush nest at Harvard and Yoo at Berkeley. Either the admins at these schools are corporatist, Bushco threatened them with losing all that Defense Dept. funding, or both. Sleazy, sleazy, and indefensible.

A good look at a loathsome, shoddy argument.

(You changed his name from Goldsmith to Goldstein in the last paragraph, BTW.)

"But the greater danger now is that lawyers will become excessively cautious in giving advice and will substitute predictions of political palatability for careful legal judgment."

Isn't that exactly what has been happening? The boot-licking careerists (Yoo, Gonzalez, et cetera, ad nauseam) have been successfully predicting what would be politically palatable for their political masters.

The true heroes are the Charlie Swifts, who have put principle ahead of self-interest in a severely hostile political climate.

The Bush gang has been getting rotten legal advice. That's because they want rotten legal advice, and they have selected the perfect people to give it to them.

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