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November 05, 2008


OK, so I clicked on just a couple of those links, you know, just to be the squirming little fuckers underneath...

now I feel dirty.

I think KLo is batshit insane.


Whatever you do, with all your strength, do NOT go read Michael Ledeen's PJ Media column.

I used to begrudgingly respect Tony Blankely, when I saw him on the McLaughlin Group or heard him on Left, Right and Center.

But, since 2006, he has separated from reality. He has truly become lesser than the sum of his talking points.

He is no longer merely a conservative with whom I disagree. He is now a conservative who consistently tries to convince me that the rain I feel on my back is not really there.

In short, he's a douche.

Sarah thinks they lost because Africa is incontinent.

Palin thinks they lost because Africa is incontinent.

You're a better man than I if you have the stomach to read this bile...

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