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November 01, 2008


UMC churches are tough to pigeonhole. Bush and Cheney are both UMC members, but my kids went to/go to a UMC preschool, and the pastor is pretty fiercely liberal. He's one of the few Christian preachers I can tolerate as an atheist.

As to the Gay Old Party member, this rates a 10 on the closet creepy scale. He didn't have sex with the twinks himself? He just watched them diddle each other?

That shit is Get-Out-of-Hell rationalization if I've ever seen it.

I swear, Lord, I didn't blow these guys. I just turned my own crank why they blew each other. I am TOTALLY not gay.

TOTALLY not gay.---Now that is a true statement. He's a creepy closet perv. and that's the difference.

None of this would have happened if he'd have been at a Sarah Palin rally, where she could wink that Gay right out of him!

Lew: Start working on the "Sarah Palin Winked the Gay Out of Me" t-shirts.

But the logjam may be breaking:

Fibre, my boy. Fibre.

I rate this a six and a half, unless Cappuccio is actually Republican.

Oddly enough, Cappuccio has made no political contributions, either to state or Federal candidates. Ever.

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