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November 13, 2008


Aw, he just got a flat!

The future has a librul bias!

Tom Brokaw must have ripped a nasty one.

When pigs fly, Mr. Friedman will cease his inane FU's.

Friedman is either (1) demonstrating how most freepers said they were going to vote for McCain, (2) performing a valsalva maneuver to to stop a really bad case of hiccups, or (3) trying to stop the bloody nose that a politically incensed unpaid intern just inflicted.

What I want to know is how Tom Friedman gets away with writing the same fucking book every couple of years, and why all the chat shows keep having him on.

And, most importantly, why does ANYONE give a shit what this gasbag says after his full-throated, bullshit, i-dont-care-if-there-are-no-weapons endorsement of the Iraq war.

Motherfuck him and John Wayne.

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