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November 02, 2008


You're so brave! If I go to any of these places I need a wall nearby to smash my skull on.

Or smash their skull on!

I predict Pammie will have to do a topless calendar to get in good with Ed and the fellas over at LGF.

The Ass of Spades doesn't even seem to know who the original Decemberists were: Ah, like anarchists. Republicans are now anarchists? Yep---that's good wingnutery.

Wingnuts is spooky folks. You ARE brave, indeed!


I wish there were some sort of medal we could give you for the bravery you display by not only visiting these sites, and reading them, but summarizing them succinctly and accurately.

@Lew Scannon - in this economy, please make the medal solid gold so I can sell it to pay my student loans. That bitch Sallie Mae is after me again.

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