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December 22, 2008



Soylent Green: Now decaffeinated!

Oh I'm sorry, am I supposed to feel sympathy for you, Poor Little Rich Girl? We just barely made ends meet for Christmas, rent, and bills, which has been the status quo ever since I finished college. I'm sure someone will bail you out, after all, you deserve it more than the rest of us unwashed masses.

These people have no shame. They are revolting, and have the gall to feel hard-done-by. Meanwhile, people who have lived within their means are made the fools.


Ever since I was a kid (I am 62 now), I was taught that "if you can't afford it, you don't GET it." It sounds as if this gal with her BIG-GIGANTO motorhome (I restored my own small 65 Chev with a 6 and a 4 speed)HAS a home, which makes her WAY MORE FORTUNATE than MANY this fine christian season...we have only BEGUN to hear the whining!

I am the victim of the story. Yes, the VICTIM. I worked hard and saved my income. I invested with a man that was approved by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. I invested with a man that was a former chairman of Nasdaq, and the 23rd largest market maker in October 2008.
My only mistake was that I trusted our government to regulate a dealer broker. They failed in their job, and I am paying the price. I don't want a 'bail out'. I want insurance paid from an organization that was appointed by the government to pay victims for broker fraud.
I see nothing here that points blame or 'entitlement' to me or the other hard working, tax paying victims of Madoff and our government's failures.

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